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Do I Really Need Careers Coaching?

Do I Really Need Careers Coaching?

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Hello everyone.. I know it’s been a while. It’s been pretty hectic for me. I am entering my final few weeks at work and I have been busy trying to figure out my nest step, whilst simultaneuously being a mum and basically just doing ‘life’.

I have spoken to a few recruitment agents and sent my CV out for a few roles. To be honest it has all been a bit half hearted. The agents and roles have been related to my current industry and as you know I do not enjoy being in this industry.I haven’t for quite some time. However as I’m not to sure exactly what I should be doing, I have kind of just let myself drift towards those roles. Not to mention the fact that the agents that contact me only want to talk about similar roles to the one I do now( thanks LinkedIn!)

I was talking about this to a friend recently and she mentioned careers coaching. I have obviously heard about it before but to be honest I always thought it sounded a bit like a scam. Who know me more than me right? How can they know what is suited to me?

However, later that night I started thinking about it and thought ‘ why not?’ What did I have to lose by just exploring it? At this point I had run out of ideas and what would I lose from just trying it out.

So what does careers coaches do, I hear you ask? Well they do a number of things. The most important thing for me is helping me figure how I can move into a new industry with my current skills set. Knowing which new skills I need to pick up is also important to me. Ultimately, we need to figure out what makes me ‘tick’ professionally.

The first session was essentially a fact finding session for the coach.She gave me a questionnaire on my career and career goals. The main purpose of that initial session was to find out more about what I want and what my skills are.At the end of that first session, I was given some ‘homework’. These were essentially things we decided could help me get to where I want to be. Although, to be honest, I have had 2 sessions now and I’m still not clear on what it is I want to do.

Although initially I was sceptical about careers coaching, I’m slowly coming round to the idea. It can’t hand me the ‘perfect job’ on a plate but it can definitely help me get as close to it as possible!

Have you had careers coaching? How did you find it?

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