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Small Business Ideas For Mums

Small Business Ideas For Mums

Small Business Ideas For Mums
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Have you been thinking about starting a side hustle or new business? Perhaps you are about to complete your maternity leave and thinking about going into business for yourself. You would be in good company. In fact a recent survey found that 1 in 10 women that return to work after maternity leave, leave their jobs and set up on their own. The most likely reason is a lack of flexibility allowing them to fit childcare committments around work.

Once you have decided to go it alone, the next goal is to come up with a business idea. Whilst some people will already have a very good idea about what they want to do, others might find it difficult. When deciding on a business you need to think about:

  • Your skills. Do you have the skills for the business you have thought of?
  • Finances. Are you be self financing or taking out loans?
  • How will it fit in with your family committments?
  • Will you need to complete some training?

Whilst these are important questions, there are a dearth of options available to you. Whether you are looking for more flexibility or want to start a lucrative sideline, there are many options available to you. Let’s take a look at some small business ideas for mums.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker that helps with administration, social media, marketing and any other tasks. Taking on these tasks frees up the business owner/manager to focus on the other more pressing issues they may have.

Virtual assistants work remotely so you could fit this round any childcare committments.

The sites below are great places to advertise yourself as a Virtual Assistant

Start A Blog

Start a blog about something you are passionate about. Whether it’s music, health and fitness or anything more serious.

Again, blogging is something you can fit around your existing committments or alongside your day job if you decide to start it as a side hustle first.

You can make money from your blog through:

  • Affilitate links. You earn money by advertising or recommending products to your readers.
  • Run adverts on your blog
  • Sponsored posts. You can invite others within you area to write for your blog.
  • Sell a product or service on your blog.


Copywriting is a great choice if you have an eye for detail and you enjoy writing.Copywriters write content for websites, blogs,online newspapers and marketing.


If you have any teaching experience, setting up as a tutor would be a great way of making extra money and fitting it around your family. Visit Tutorful to find out more about tutoring and how to get started.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers manage the social media accounts for businesses.They create the social media strategy and ensure the company is engaging effectively with their target audience. Again, this is a great role to fit around your childcare and family committments.

We hope we have given you a good idea for some small business ideas for mums. We would love to hear your stories. Drop us a comment below!

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