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5 Benefits Of Interview Feedback

5 Benefits Of Interview Feedback

5 Benefits Of Interview Feedback

So you updated your CV. You have put in the work to prepare for your interview. You have looked at the most commonly asked interview questions and fully researched the company. The interview went well and you got on well with the interviewer.

However despite all of that, a few days letter you recieve an email telling saying you have been unsuccessful. We have all been there. Some of us more than others!

It is a very disheartening feeling.Especially when you have felt confident and prepped for the interview. You would be forgiven if you wanted to hide under the duvet and lick your wounds. Whilst it is advisable to take a little time to get over the disappointment, there is something positive to gain from the experience.

Asking for interview feedback is a vital part of your career journey. You might be feeling slightly embarrassed about asking but it is a great opportunity for you to learn and grow. Let’s take a closer look at the 5 benefits of interview feedback.

5 Benefits Of Interview Feeback

Future Opportunities

You may not have been successful this time round but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other opportunities in the company for you. Asking for feedback highlights your interest in the company. If you apply for a smiliar role in the company in the future, that feedback will stand you in good stead.

Improve Your Interview Skills

This is a great way of gaining more insight into your skills. With the feedback you can pinpoint your weaker areas and work on improving them for the next interview. Perhaps you need to work on presentation skills. Maybe you didn’t do enough research on the organisation. Use the feedback constructively.Remember , it isn’t a personal attack on you.Although it should be noted that every interviewer is different. Not everyone will agree on what you are weaker on in interviews.

Increase Your Network

Think about how you can add the interviewer in your professional network. Think about whether you can add them in your LinkedIn. Whilst they might not have any roles for you now, they maybe able to introduce you to people that can help.

Learn About Your Competition

This is a great way of finding out what those successful candidates had that you didn’t. Perhaps the successful candidate had a particular qualification or skill. Is this something you could work on?


You can move on with your job search confident in the knowledge that you did everything you could and left no stone unturned.Of course some companies might have a ‘no feedback’ policy and you may not get a response. That’s fine. It is not a reflection on you or your abilities.

Now we know what the benefits of asking for feedback are. Let’s take a look at an example feedback email.

Example Feedback Email

Hello [name],

Thank you for your email. I very much enjoyed meeting with you on [date]. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about [company name] and the role.

If possible, I would appreciate some feedback on my interview ,qualifications and overall performance. I’m always looking for ways to improve, and I would very much appreciate your insight as I continue my job search.

Thanks again for your time, [interviewer name].

Best regards,

Hopefully you should now have a bit more of an insight into why feedback is important and why you should swallow your pride and ask for it.

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