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What To Do If You Hate Your Job

What To Do If You Hate Your Job

What To Do If You Hate Your Job

How do you feel on Sunday nights? Do you feel anxious? Perhaps you have knots in your stomach. Or you can’t sleep.

The next morning you think of excuses you could use to get out of work. Your walk to work feels like a walk of a thousand miles – never ending.

If this describes how you feel about your job, then you are not alone. In fact a recent survey found that a third of employed adults are unhappy in their roles.

There are many reasons why people are unhappy at work:

  • A lack of recognition
  • Toxic work environment
  • Lack of career progression

Being unhappy in your job can be soul destroying. We spend so much of our time at the office or with our colleagues. Such unhappiness can have a huge impact on your life, personal life and mental health. Leaving that unhappiness at the office every evening can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Once you have identified that it is in fact your job that is making you unhappy, what do you do? You could try and look at implementating some changes. For example, you could try and speak to your manager/colleagues about some of your concerns. Perhaps confide in a mentor within the company, change your hours or complete some training.

Of course you may have tried everything but you just can’t make it work. It might be time for you to move on.

Like many people, you won’t have the luxury of leaving without anything else lined up. Especially if you have financial and other responsibilities. It’s easier to find a new job whilst you are in a job.So what do you do whilst your figure out your next move?

Keep It Professional

Keep your ‘I hate this place’thoughts to yourself. Talk about it to your friends and family. Do not talk about it online or social media. The chances of someone finding and sharing your comments are quite high. You do not want your colleagues to find out how unhappy you are before you are ready.

This could also impact your job search. Imagine potential employers finding posts from you about your current company.

You Are Not Alone

Working in a job you dislike isn’t that unusual. It happens. Perhaps the role just isn’t for you. Or the organisation’s culture has changed. There could be any number of reasons. It’s important to know that it is normal. It’s not you.

Keep your ‘I hate this place’thoughts to yourself.

Be Careful

Do not broadcast the fact that you are looking for a new job. Be careful about who you confide in. Especially if you know there is absolutely nothing that could change your mind about leaving. Update your CV and your LinkedIn profile. Start networking , albeit discreetly.

When speaking to recruiters or hiring managers, do not talk your current employer down. Employers do not want to recruit anyone they think will bad mind them in the future and is not professional.

Resign With Dignity

Ensure you provide assistance with handovers and transitions. You want to make sure you leave with no hard feelings.Do not burn any bridges. You never know when you will run into those people again. Your reputation as hardworking and professional should be maintained.

It can be tough working in a job or environment you hate but hopefully these tips will help in your journey. We would love to hear your stories. Drop us a comment below.

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