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Too old to retrain?

Too old to retrain?


So I’m over the initial shock and tears of the redundancy. I’ve wallowed in a bit of self pity, been angry and now I have arrived at acceptance. I can’t really afford to hang around. Although my partner is in full time work, we need 2 wages in our household. Along with many other families across the country, we can’t just rely on one wage.

So it’s action stations.I’ve mentioned before that although I was upset about losing my job, I had been very unhappy for a while. I won’t miss the industry or the people I work with but I will miss my salary! So looking for another job in the same sector doesn’t really appeal to me.

It got me thinking about the dreams and aspirations I had as a child/teenager. I remember dreaming about becoming a ballerina untill I realised I had 2 left feet! Then I dreamt about becoming a lawyer, an accountant and a teacher. Teaching was probably the one I thought about the most. Three members of my family were teachers and though they explained how difficult it was, I could see that they felt fulfilled by what they did.

To be honest I don’t know why I didn’t pursue any of those avenues, expecially the teaching. I cannot explain why I ended up where I did. Was it laziness? Complacency? Honestly, after all these years , I do not have an explaination.

Anyway, back to the present day. I have been thinking whether I can actually retrain in a whole new field. Trying to figure out which path to take is of course very difficult. Not only do I have to figure out what I would be interested in, I have to think about the course itself. It’s duration, cost and the impact on myself and my family. I have to remember there is more than just my happiness at stake here. Teaching has changed alot since those halcyon days of my youth and I know there is more to it than long summer holidays.

Am I too old to retrain?

The biggest thing is the length of any possible courses. I am in my early 40s now, can I really afford to take 3 or 4 years out to retrain? Am I in fact, too old to retrain?

So that’s where I am right now. Would be great to hear from others on how they made the decision.

Untill the next time….

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