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Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

What does a social medie manager do

What’s it all about?

As the title suggests, the Social Media Manager will create/manage an organisation’s Social Media strategy to boost visibility and engage with clients. Not only does this include producing great content, it will also include analysing data and devising/managing new projects.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Managing social media channels including Twitter , Instagram and Facebook
  • Producing a social media marketing plan which will identify potential clients,brand identity and promotion strategy
  • Developing engaging content including articles, blog posts and multimedia content
  • Developing relationships with social media influencers
  • Developing a social media strategy and setting goals to increase brand awareness and increase engagement
  • Managing staff such as the social media executive or assistant

So how do you get there?

Whilst there are no set degree requirements, most employers will prefer graduates with degrees from the following fields-

  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Media and communications

Employers often view personal qualities, existing knowledge and experience as equally important to a degree. It’s likely your first role will be at junior or assistant level and you’ll work your way up from there. It’s also common to move into this role after gaining experience in marketing, PR or advertising.

Post Graduates qualifications can also be useful. These include:

Freelance rates vary depending on experience, but typically range from £15 to £25 per hour


In-house opportunities, working exclusively for one organisation, are normally found in medium to large organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. You can find opportunities in a diverse range of industries such as retail, higher education and even independent inquiries set up by the government.

You could also work for an agency managing social media for a number of clients. Agencies can specialise in social media or have a broader remit such as digital marketing or PR. Freelance work is possible with experience.

Show me the money..

Entry level salaries can start from £19,000 to £23,000 and this can go to up to £45,000 with experience. Managers with a substantial amount of experience can earn up to £60,000.

Freelance rates vary depending on experience, but typically range from £15 to £25 per hour.

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