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6 Tips On How To Achieve Work Life Balance For Working Mums

6 Tips On How To Achieve Work Life Balance For Working Mums

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I’m sure as a working mother, you roll your eyes whenever you hear the phrase ‘work life balance’. Between taking care of your children, family and professional duties, you probably don’t have a minute to yourself.

The pandemic will not have made things any easier for you. Working from home, home schooling and caring responsibilities will have made any downtime almost impossible. We should all be aware of how important work life balance is and how it impacts our mental health. Having some time to yourself and practising self care is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing.

It may seem pretty dire but it is possible! We have pulled together a list of tips on how to achieve work life balance for working mums. We hope you find them useful.

‘Project Manage’ Your Life

To do lists are an invaluable tool when you have a busy schedule. The list can be as granular as you like. It can list what the children need to do in the mornings, from brushing teeth to packing their sports bags. Make sure the list also includes an ‘owner’ for each task, whether that’s you, your partner or you child. Tick each item off when it has been completed.

You can use a whiteboard, Post It Notes or an app. It doesn’t matter as long as it fits in with your family dynamic.

Be Flexible

Even before the pandemic, more and more companies were allowing their staff more flexibiity at work.Of course now , as a result of the pandemic, companies have been forced to allow more working from home. Indeed many companies may never return to the ‘old’ ways of working. A recent survey suggests almost half of mid to large size companies will move offices to accomodate working from home after the pandemic.

Ask your employer about their flexible work policy. Know what you are entitled to. Don’t forget that flexible working is not just about working from home. It also includes flexible/compressed hours,part-time hours and job share.


Make sure you are regularly talking to you manager and colleagues about family committments. If you have to leave early to go to a parents evening or doctors appointment, make sure everyone is aware. It means the team are able to plan effectively. It also takes some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Prioritize Family Time

You should always aim to leave the office on time unless you absolutely have to stay late. Make sure that you leave work in the office. Do not take your work home, answer emails or anything work related. Not only will this help protect your family life, it also sets expectations for yor colleagues.

Set Aside Some Time For Yourself

As hard is it sounds, try and set aside some time to yourself.Whether that means waking up before everyone else and going for a walk. Or having 30 mins to youself at the end of the day to soak in the bath. It’s imperative that you try and schedule some ‘me’ time, if not every day then a couple of times a week. Your mental health depends on it.

Ask For Support

Ask for support. Try and build a network with other parents in the area. Take turns to take the children to school or to extra curricular activities. Ask your friends and family support too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness.

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We hope that these tips have helped. We would love to hear more about your own stories. Drop us a comment below!

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