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Why Self Care Could Be The Key To Your Career Success

Why Self Care Could Be The Key To Your Career Success

Why Self Care Should Be Part Of Your Career Plan
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I’m pretty sure you are familiar with those old career tropes. You know the ones. To get ahead you have to work all the hours under the sun. Burn the candle at both ends. Play hard and work even harder. I bet you have heard them all before. This kind of thinking has been prevalent in society for many years. Not only can this kind of thinking lead to burnout , it also impacts your productivity at work.

You may think that working round the clock at work or in your business is the only route to success. However you may be doing more harm than good. Poor physical and mental health will affect your productivity at work as well as affect your personal/family life. Working towards that big promotion would be very difficult if you are constantly tired. You cannot start a new training course if you are stressed and anxious. Writing a plan for your side hustle would be almost impossible if you can’t sleep at night and are constantly worried.

The fact is taking care of yourself is just as important as training or qualifications.If not more so. Let’s take a look below at self-care tips to help you on your career and business journey.


The power of sleep should never be underestimated. Sleep is vital for our minds and bodies. Good rest is vital to be able to function both at home and work. Sleep deprivation can cause anxiety, a poor immune system, high blood pressure or an increased chance of obesity.

Burning the candles at both ends may sound like a short term solution to get you through a specific situation. However you could be causing more long term health issues which will ultimately affect your career or business aspirations.

Practice Positive Self Talk

It’s very easy to talk yourself down. Berate yourself for making a mistake. Tell yourself off for missing an ‘opportunity’ . We do it to ourselves all the time. Self care is all about changing the narrative we have created for ourselves. Tell yourself you are smart and capable. Accept that you have made a mistake, learn from it and move on. It does not define who you are or what you can do. Tell yourself positive things about yourself. You will soon start to believe it.

Protect Your Time

Don’t fill your calendar with back to back meetings.Especially now that we are working from home more. Along with work and family committments, you may find that you don’t have any time for yourself. You need time to yourself for reflection. Time to think , plan or even just to watch tv. Switch off your phone, run a bath or do whatever you like to do to relax. The important thing is getting that time for yourself.

Nuture Your Body And Mind

As well as getting enough sleep, its also important that you eat well and give your body the nutrients it needs. When we are stressed , its very easy to fall into the habit of eating junk food and drinking pots of coffee. Feed your body with fresh fruit , vegetables and fish. Give your body and mind the fuel they need to perform effectively.

Movement is also very important for your well being.Especially if you spend all day at a desk. Whether its just for a short walk around the block. Stretching your legs and breathing fresh air can do wonders for the kind.

So it’s over to you. Has your job or business been impacted by mental health concerns? Do you actively practise self care? Let us know below!

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