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What is STEM?

What is STEM?

What is STEM

You may have seen the word ‘STEM’ floating around for the last few years.There has been a real push to get women and young people more involved with STEM training and jobs. However it is not always clear what exactly STEM is. Let’s take a deeper look…

STEM stands for Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics. It includes any job or training that falls under any of those disciplines. So this could include anything from working in the film industry to working with satelittes or working in aerospace. Although there are a wealth of opportunities in this space there has been

Over the last few years there has been concern that there appears to be a decline in the number of people studying STEM subjects. Indeed, a report from 2017 stated that there was in fact a 10 year low in those numbers. When it comes to women in STEM, the picture is somewhat bleaker. Women make up 21% of the STEM workforce, with the lowest representation in the engineering and I.T fields. Many put this disparity down to, amongst other things, cultural stereotypes and biased recruiting.

A number of initiatives have been launched in an attempt to bridge this gap. Code club is a network of free coding clubs for children. Apprenticeship schemes have also been launched, with the Tech Partnership working with businesses across the company in creating key technical and digital skills. There are also a number of schemes geared specifically to women. These initiatives are attempting to tackle the cultural stereotypes related to women in STEM head on. WISE is one such campaign and is at the forefront of encouraging women to see STEM as a viable career option.

The Careers Clique is passionate about STEM and we also want to see an increase in young people and women moving into STEM fields. Register and sign up to the newsletter to be kept up todate with the exciting initiatives we have planned.

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