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Public Relations Manager

Public Relations Manager

What does a Public Relations MANAGER DO

What’s it all about?

A public relations manager ‘s main function is to develop and manage a company or brand’s public relations or media policy. The PR manager is responsible for building and maintaining the company’s reputation and public image. This typically will involve creating media releases , managing the company’s social media channels and managing any important ‘crisis’ situations that may arise.

So how do you get there?

Although there are no set qualifications for PR management some employers will be looking for people with degrees typically in Communications,Marketing , English or Advertising. A good course will provide industry placements to allow you to build experience and make contacts.
Many PR managers have worked up to the role having started out as PR executives.

Personal qualities like confidence, being articulate and being able to build relationships are also a must for this role.


The great thing about PR managers is that they are needed across all sectors. From finance to retail and from engineering to government departments.

Show me the money..

Salaries in PR management can vary. Those starting out in PR management can expect to earn around £21,000. Although salaries can rise to up to £70,000 depending on experience and the nature of the company, salaries will typically be around the £21,000 to £50000 range.

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