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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

What does a business analyst do

What’s it all about?

Business analysts primarily work on ways to improve a company’s practices and processes in line with the their objectives. They will analyse data and undertake research to help develop their knowledge of the company and the things that need to be changed.

The business analyst usually sits with the IT department and the most common business analyst task is to improve the company computer systems. To this end the Business Analyst has to familiarise themselves with new technology and make sure the wider company understands the benefits of the new system.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Liasing with colleagues to ascertain the company needs and requirements
  • Working with external parties to obtain , analyse and feedback on the service
  • Data modelling to help analyse findings
  • Ensure the relevant departments are fully aware of the benefits of the recommended changes
  • Communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of departments and the organisation as a whole
  • Work with external stakeholders to understand and investigate feedback into the service, function or product provided
  • Use data modelling practices to analyse your findings and create suggestions for strategic and operational improvements and changes
  • Consider opportunities and potential risks attached to suggestions you make
  • Support staff and teams in making your recommended changes, including helping to resolve any issues
  • Ensure plans are made and processes are created to evaluate the impact of the changes made, including taking responsibility for overseeing and reporting on this evaluation.

So how do you get there?

Having a degree in this space would be a distinct advantage. It could be in a relevant subject like Business Computing Systems or Business Information Systems. Employers will also consider degree from other disciplines as long as you have excellent analytical skills.

As with other professions , employers also value other skills like the technical skills,ability to work collaboratively and manage projects. They will also be looking at your overall experience.

If you’re a graduate from a non IT-related subject, you could take a relevant postgraduate qualification.

You can expect to earn between
£21,000 and £31,000. at the beginning of your career as a business analyst. This can rise to £50,000 with more experience.


Business analysts are needed in the public and private sector, large multi-national companies and smaller independent enterprises. There is scope to work in this field whatever your sector interest may be. Employers may offer permanent employment, or fixed-term contracts to work on a specific project.

Show me the money

You can expect to earn between
£21,000 and £31,000. at the beginning of your career as a business analyst. This can rise to £50,000 with more experience.

Business analyst roles exist on a permanent basis in organisations, but you could also work on a freelance or contract basis once you’ve gained some relevant experience. As an experienced business analyst, you can expect to charge around £350 per day.

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