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How Do I Start A New Career?

How Do I Start A New Career?

How Do I Start A new Career
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Dear Careers Clique,

This year has made me realise how much I dislike my current role. I have been working in the same industry since I graduated over ten years ago and I really want a change. I do not want to retrain into a new career, but I would like to run my own business. I love fashion so selling my own designs makes sense to me, I have a strong vision of the clothes I would like to create but I have no ‘fashion skills’ whatsoever. I cannot draw or using a sewing machine, so I am not able to create anything myself. And I do not have the funds to hire a creative to sketch my designs, so what shall I do? Please help.



Dear Stuck,

While it would be easier to create a fashion line if you could draw the designs yourself the fact that you cannot does not mean your idea is a no-go. It is a myth that everyone involved in fashion possess these skills. These days technology can really help. There are now a variety of software programs for would-be designers to use to help create designs. They range from complex to basic and some have a 3D focus. We cannot make specific recommendations but do know that Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Pret-A-Template, Marvelous Designer and Digital Fashion Pro are just some of the software names which appear in a google search. Why not explore which software program suits your needs?

You do not mention if you are going to pursue a grant or a start-up loan, so I do not know what your financial resources are. But you will certainly need money to get started.  Even with a modest budget it is possible to hire internationally based freelancers  to create your designs once you have outlined what you want.

It also possible to eliminate the need to engage a designer altogether. Many factories can now help you create your design as part of the production and ordering process. They will have garments and templates they already use which will make it even easier to create your designs with them.

But we are also in the era of upskilling, just because you cannot draw now that does not mean you will never be able to. There are many short courses that teach amateurs how to sketch designs using templates and new techniques. Why not look for highly rated courses on Udemy or even from specialists such as The London College of Fashion. The fashion sector has been hit badly by Covid, with many famous names disappearing from the high street. But opportunities for new brands will emerge, so good luck! Your brand could be the next big thing.

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