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How To Set Goals

How To Set Goals

How To Set Goals
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It’s that time of year again. Goal setting time.The time when we take stock of the past year and start mapping out our goals for the upcoming year. Of course this year has not been a normal year. As we speak the coronavirus continues to make it’s presence felt. Thousands of people across multiple industries have lost their jobs. Those lucky enough to still be in a job are worried about job security. Many people have felt and continue to feel the impact on their families and loved ones.

Many of the people that have lost their jobs in 2020 will be looking ahead to 2021 and starting to make plans. Whether that means retraining or starting a business, goal setting for the New Year will become extremely important. But how do you set goals? Especially career goals?

Let’s take a closer look at how to set goals.

You will no doubt have heard about SMART goals. SMART goals should be Specific. Measureable,Achievable,Relevant and Timebound. This sounds simple enough right?However there are some other things to seriously consider before setting SMART career goals.

Short Term vs Long Term Goals

Goal setting must involve both short and long term goals. Short term goals can be viewed as milestones on your career path. Short term goals will be completed within a relatively short timeframe . These goals will include things like taking short courses, improving your current set of skills or learning new skills. Short term goals set you up to accomplish your long term goals.

Long term goals are goals that you hope to achieve over a longer period of time. For example this could be to retrain as a teacher in 4 years , running a business in 3 years or even to get a promotion in your current company.

Be Clear About What You Want

When setting goals, you need to be very clear about what it is you want to achieve. It may sound like that dreaded interview question but where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Being very specific about what you want will help with your planning. Do you want to be a qualified maths teacher? Start a food delivery business specialising in vegan food? You could even aim to replace your current boss in a 4 years time! The more details , the easier it will be to plan.

Is It Really Achievable?

You need to be really honest with yourself here. If your goal is to become a qualified accountant by the end of 2021 but you do not have the requisite qualifications, this goal may not be achievable. It doesn’t mean it WILL NEVER be achievable. It just means it is not achievable by the end of 2021. You need to set realistic timeframes for your goals to avoid disappointment. Make sure you are fully aware of what it takes to achieve that goal, whether it’s completing courses or hands on work experience.

How Will You Achieve The Goal?

How do you hope to achieve these goals? What are the specific steps you plan on taking? If you are unable to explain , it maybe that you need to break down your goals into short term goals or milestones as explained above.

Find A Mentor

Find a mentor in your chosen new field or business area. Feedback from mentors is an important part of your goal plans. Sharing your goal plans and successes with mentors will keep you accountable. You will also get very valuable advice from them on how to change your plans to help achieve your goals. There are many mentor matching organisations that will match you with the right mentors to guide you in your journey.

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So, we hope that has helped. We would love to hear more from you about your career goals and what you have planned for 2021.

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