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8 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace

8 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace

8 Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic
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We’ve all been there. We’ve all endured bad days or even the odd bad week at work. It is normal to have those days where nothing goes well at work. Perhaps that meeting didn’t go as planned, you are in a disagreement with some of your colleagues or you disagree with management decisions. Whilst these challenges can have a profound affect on us,they are usually short lived.

However if you are working in a toxic work environment these challenges are an everyday occurrence and can impact your long term well being. Below are 8 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace.

You Do Not Have A Work Life Balance

We all know about the importance of a healthy work life balance. However if you work in a toxic work environment, your work life balance will be extremely skewed in favour of work. Perhaps you are working longer hours, weekends or taking work home. Is your family life suffering? Spending less time of your hobbies in favour of work? These are all signs of a poor work life balance and potentially a toxic work environment.

You Feel Stifled

Does your boss support you or block you at every stage? Perhaps you have had promotions or secondments blocked without valid reason. Maybe requests for training have been turned down. Failure to support your growth in the company is a sign of a toxic work environment.

You Feel Stressed And Anxious

You are under huge amounts of stress and it is all related to work. Do you wake up every day anxious , with a feeling of dread in your stomach? Perhaps you are having trouble sleeping and feel irritable. These are all classic signs of work place stress and burnout. These are all signs of a toxic work place.

There Is A ‘Gossipy’ Culture

Toxic workplaces are often characterised as cliquey and gossipy. You may feel that you are excluded from some groups and groups discussions. Perhaps only members of the ‘cliques’ are updated on important issues or given the opportunities to grow. There is an inordinate amount of office gossip and you are sometimes the subject of the gossip.

Poor Communication

Is there often a lack of clarity on projects and the company’s direction? Is there a general air of confusion amongst your colleagues about the company’s strategic goals. You may also see different people/groups recieving different messages.Such haphazard communication is a hallmark of a toxic work environment

High Staff Turnover

High employee turnover can sometimes be an indicator of a toxic workplace. When large numbers are leaving at or around the same time, this is often a red flag.  High turnover can be as a consequence of a toxic workplace caused by poor communication and lack of growth.

If the company is constantly making redundancies or firing people this is a sign of a very unstable company.

You Are Being Bullied

Bullying is a sure sign of a toxic workplace. Whether you are being bullied by your manager or other employees. This is exascerbated by a lack of action when you report the bullying to the senior management team.

Poor Morale

Given the other attributes of a toxic workplace listed above, it is not surprsing to know that there will be very poor company morale.

As growth is stifled, there is no motivation for employees to to work to the best of their abilities. Communication is poor , so staff are not aware of how their contribution affects the overall company performance. They feel detached from their work and colleagues.

Poor morale and unmotivated staff is a consequence of poor communication and mismanagement. All hallmarks of a toxic workplace.

How To Deal With A Toxic Work Place

Build a Circle Of Trust

Develop relationships with others in the office that feel like you do about the company. Building this circle of trust means you will be more likely to look out for each other and unload on each other in times of stress.

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Focus On Yourself

Don’t get caught up in the office politics and gossip.Don’t forget about why you are there.Continue to focus on your goals and focus on your own development.

Improve Your Work Life Balance

Set boundaries. You need to make a clear demarcation between work and home life. Do not take work home or answer emails at the weekend. Be very clear with your team about what you will and won’t do outside work hours. Develop hobbies outside work. Spend time with your family. Your main priority is your health and wellbeing.

Plan Your Exit

Knowing that you are planning your exit will help you navigate your work days in a more constructive and less stressful way. Update your CV. practice your interview skills and start actively looking for a new position.

We hope that has helped. Please drop us a line below and let us know how you get on with your toxic workplace.

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