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What Should YOU Be Asking In An Interview?

What Should YOU Be Asking In An Interview?

What to ask in interview
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We are all used to answering questions during an interview and making sure that we are well prepared for them. However do you know that there are certain questions YOU should be asking? These questions will help to make sure that both you and the potential employer have all the necessary information to make the correct decision in respect of the role. Let’s look at what you should be asking in an interview…

Have I answered all your questions?

Before you start asking the interviewer any questions, you should ensure that they are satisfied with all the answers you have provided.

This has the dual purpose of  allowing them another chance to ask a question but will also give you an idea on how you are doing. If they don’t need to hear anymore, it’s a good indicator that you have  represented yourself well. You can do it by something along the lines of “ I do have some questions but wondered whether I have answered your questions sufficiently. Is there anything you would like me to elaborate on?”

Is there a specific career development plan here?

A development program is crucial in any company and is an indication as to whether you will stagnate within the company. Ask this to ascertain the career path you would most likely follow in this role/organisation.

Who will I be working most closely with?

This question will help you get a better sense of the dynamics of who your collaborators will be. Jot down names, ask for titles. It’s important to evaluate how cross-functional the role is.

What’s the team/company structure?? Who will I be reporting to?

Important to find out whether you will have several people to report to and how flat or otherwise the team structure is.

How do you define and measure success in this role?

Are there are key performance indicators in this role? How and when are they measured. It is important for you to gauge how the company views and measures success.

What is the most challenging aspect of this job?

Find out about the challenges you will face before hand. You need to understand the scale of the challenges associated with this role and think about how you would deal with them if you got the role.

Knowing the good is just as important as knowing the not-so-good. You want to understand the scale of the problems you’ll be dealing with.

How would you describe the company’s culture?

Company culture is extremely important and this question gives you a broad overview of the company’s corporate philosophy and of how it deals with employee development and needs.

What do you like most about working for this company?

This kind of question allow you to find out more about the company via the interviewer. The interviewer will more than likely be happy to talk about themselves and will give you a more personal view of the company than you have heard so far.

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What are the challenges of this position?

If the interviewer says there aren’t any challenges,this should be noted with caution.

If you were to hire me, what might I expect in a typical day?

This shows how eager you are about the role and will give you an insight on what to expect and will help you decide whether you are good fit for the role/company.

The way the interviewer answers your questions will give an insight into the company and will help you decide whether to accept the role should it be offered.

Good luck! Make sure you are fully aware of the questions they will be asking YOU too!

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