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Pandemic Interview Questions

Pandemic Interview Questions


As we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, we are all discovering a ‘new normal’ . It has affected everything from the way we interact with family to how we socialise and buy our groceries. Those that can work from home are now doing just that and many of us are now discovering the joys of Zoom et al.

Of course this has had a profound affect on the jobs market and many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic. Job hunters may find that there are fewer jobs advertised. Competition for new roles has increased as more people lose their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

However, as we have previously highlighted, there are some industries that are actively hiring.Some are even experiencing growth in this period. Online learning and pharmaceuticals being two examples. If you are looking for a job or transitioning during this period, there are things that you can do to enhance your chances. Updating your CV and refreshing your LinkedIn profile being two examples.

You will also need to ensure you are comfortable with virtual interviews and ensure you have prepared sufficiently for your interview. The pandemic, as with most things, adds another layer of complexity to interviews. As well as asking the ‘normal’ interview questions, there are some pandemic interview questions that you MUST now ask if you are fourtunate enough to land an interview. There are no certainties on when the current restrictions will be changed. You must be sure that the company’s culture fits in with your world view, especially in relation to the virus.

Lets take a look at some pandemic interview questions.

How do you create company cohesion whilst maintaining social distancing?

How does your new employer deal with keeping staff members connected during this time? It maybe that they are used to have staff members working from home and across multiple locations. This means they may have experience in deploying tools and processes that allow teams to communicate and collaborate. However if they do not have that history, it maybe a challenge for them. It’s important that you know now just how they plan to implement that.

How do you onboard new hires during the pandemic?

Onboarding is a crucial part of your new job. This is when you learn more about the company’s protocols, meet key members of staff and undergo some training. Many companies have formal onboarding processes which can involve multiple teams across the company. Social distancing obviously adds some complexity to the onboarding process. You will want to be clear on how your prospective employer plans to deal with this.You will need to know if any of it requires you attending an office. If you are not comfortable wwith this, it needs to be flagged up at this stage.

What kind of technology/equipment do you support for those working from home?

Ask the interviewer how they support staff members working from home. Do they provide extra monitors, laptops, printers and other equipment? Do they provide desks and chairs? How do they resolve technical issues for those working from home? These are all very important questions that will give you a good insight into how they support staff working from home.

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Am I required to go into the office for this role after restrictions are eased?

It maybe that for the time being the role will be completely remote. However you need to ascertain whether this will change when restrictions are eased or when the pandemic is over. Are you comfortable going into the office when restrictions ease or would you feel safer staying at home? This will obviously depend on your personal circumstances ie underlying health conditions, living with vulnerable family members etc

Conversely you may not want to continue working from home indefinitely.Either way you need to be clear on what the company’s vision is.

How does the company ensure the wellbeing of staff during the pandemic?

This is a very testing time for us all. Being separated from family, losing jobs and being isolated is taking a toll on mental health. Many companies have put processes in place to ensure their staff are supported during this time. They are creating special mental health initiatives and teams. There is a real focus in some companies in ensuring staff are able to access help and support when they need it. Finding this out now will help you make the decision about whether this firm is the right one for you long term.

You should now know more about the pandemic interview questions you should ask at your next interview. Drop a comment below and let us know how your interview goes!

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